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Manufacturing Capabilities


Our Factory Premises

Close Die Forge
Round Jobs 0.5 Kgs. to 66 Kgs. each piece
Items  Flanges, Gears, Couplings etc.
Profile Jobs  0.5 Kgs to 35 Kgs. each piece
Items Valve Body/Bonnet, Elbows, Tees, Hooks,
Connecting Rod, Hubs, Yokes etc.
Open Forge
Items Upto 1000 kgs, each piece
Flanges Slip On, Weld Neck,  Blind Flanges
Tube Sheet, Girth Flange etc.
Gear blanks,  Couplings, Pinion,  Shafts etc.
Material Stainless Steel,  Alloy Steel & Carbon Steel of different grades